Services We Provide at Animal Hospital of West Nashville

Like people, pets need quality medical care to stay in good health. At Animal Hospital of West Nashville, your kit or pup can benefit from comprehensive veterinary services from animal care experts in their field. These services include:

Preventative Care

Preventative pet care is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy for his whole life. Our preventative care services include wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, nutritional counseling, and more. Keeping your pet healthy is much more cost effective than paying for expensive treatments to restore your pet’s health. It also saves your pet from having to suffer through a health condition or disease. 


Our wellness exam entails a thorough inspection of your pet’s body for signs of abnormalities or disease. Your Nashville veterinarian will also perform diagnostics like blood, stool, and urine tests, if needed, to confirm that your pet’s in good health. We’ll also update your pet’s vaccinations to protect him from life threatening diseases.   

Pet Dental Care

We offer annual dental exams and cleanings to maintain your pet’s oral health. Our pet dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia, so we can clean under the gum line where periodontal disease begins. Using anesthesia makes it easier on your pet as he will feel no discomfort or pain during this procedure.

Regular dental care can prevent dental problems like loose teeth and periodontal disease that can affect your pet’s overall health. Left unchecked, periodontal disease can cause tooth loss as well as heart, kidney, and liver problems. By taking care of your pet’s teeth, you help preserve his overall health.

Surgical Procedures

Our veterinary services include soft tissue surgeries, dental surgery, spay/neuter procedures, orthopedic surgery, cardiology surgery, and laser therapy. Your Nashville veterinarian will provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s medical condition and recommend the best surgical procedure to restore his health.   

Pet Grooming and Boarding

Our pet grooming and boarding services will make it easier for you to care for your feline or canine companion. Professional grooming will ensure your pet looks his best. Our boarding facility provides a safe, comfortable home away from home for your kit or pup when you’re away.

See Your Nashville Veterinarian for Quality Pet Care

To schedule an appointment for your pet or to visit our facility and meet our staff, contact Animal Hospital of West Nashville at 615-356-8993 today.


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