Pet Behavior Counseling

Pet Behavior Counselling from a Professional Veterinarian

The Animal Hospital of West Nashville offers the services of Dr. Jill Burgess and her team to deliver the best in pet healthcare and wellness. We offer a full range of veterinary services offered at our hospital. Our list of services includes urgent care, vaccinations, physical examinations, surgeries, dental care, laser therapy, nutritional and behavioral counseling, and more.


Pet Behavior Counseling: What Is It?

Certain pets need behavior counseling to sort out issues such as aggression or anxiety. Some pet owners, however, get easily frustrated in their inability to change the behavior of their pets or simply don’t have the time to correct these behaviors themselves. This frustration can lead to stress for the pet and the owner. It can also lead to a deterioration of the relationship between the pet and the owner. The best course of action is to take the pet to a trained and experienced veterinarian who can offer professional behavior counseling.

Even if your pet is showing slight behavior anomalies, it is better to take your pet to a veterinarian now rather than when the behavior becomes a habit and is more difficult to recover from. Also, keep in mind that some behavioral issues are caused by an underlying medical condition. That will be the first thing the veterinarian will check for.

An Example of Behavior Counseling in Pets

If a dog has issues with aggression, they tend to growl, bark, or snap without reason. Our veterinarian could offer “growl” classes for the dog. In these classes, two to four dogs are put together in a safe and controlled environment, with each dog having plenty of space. The objective of this exercise is to instill some self-control and social skills in the dog. Each dog is gradually trained to come closer to the other dogs without showing any violent behavior. It is not a quick fix, but most behavior counseling programs are not going to be a quick fix. They require patience and discipline.  

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Whether your pets need behavior counseling or you want to bring them in for a regular physical exam, here at Animal Hospital of West Nashville, we have you covered. You can visit our website for details about our services and read some client testimonials. Our hospital is located at 110 Harding Place, Nashville, TN, 37205. Stop by or give us a call at 615-356-8993 to book an appointment.   


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