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Your Veterinarian for Feline Vaccines in Nashville

The significance of vaccinations to your cat's all-around wellness cannot be overemphasized, which is why you need to visit our veterinarian at Animal Hospital of West Nashville, TN. Medical experts substantiate vaccines for your cats to fight the gestation and transferring of maiming and deadly feline illnesses. Our veterinary staff is committed to informing you about the value of cat vaccinations, encompassing which ones are essential and how they are scheduled.


Does Law Require Cat Vaccines?

According to TN.gov, "Tennessee law requires that all cats be vaccinated against rabies, and their shots kept up-to-date." Our doctor agrees because of the danger rabies presents to humans and how rapidly it circulates. Meanwhile, the other feline vaccinations are not required by law but are vital to safeguard your cats from critical illness.

Recommended Vaccines 

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) specifies what vaccines are to be given to cats. Our veterinarian will communicate what vaccinations are essential for your cat during the visit, but these are typically recommended:

  • Feline Distemper Vaccine 
  • Feline Leukemia Virus Vaccination
  • Rabies Vaccine

Approved Kitten and Cat Vaccination Schedules

Your feline pets' medical condition, age, and breed determine what vaccines can be administered to them and when. This is why you must discuss these circumstances with our veterinarian to decide your kitten or cat vaccine schedule.

Kitten Vaccinations

  • Six to ten weeks for FVRCP 
  • Eleven to fourteen weeks for FVRCP and FeLV
  • Fifteen weeks repeat of both + rabies 

Adult Cat Vaccinations

The vaccination schedule, which comprises occasional booster immunizations, will be planned for a year after the kitten vaccine schedule has been completed. Once your kittens have become adult cats, they will get a combined dose of the vaccines. Just a reminder that our vets do not randomly give vaccines but instead go on a cat by cat basis to determine if the pet can handle the vaccine. 

It would help if you came prepared to spend about half an hour at your first consultation. If you have any concerns about risks or side effects from the immunization, this would be an opportune time to address all your concerns.  We can also talk about kitten care and recommended preventive programs.

Schedule Vaccinations for Your Cats Today!

You should schedule your kitten vaccinations the moment you get your new feline. No matter the age, your new pet should be seen by our veterinarian at the earliest possible time. Contact Animal Hospital of West Nashville, TN at (615) 356-8993 or visit our new location at 6514 Hwy 100, and our veterinarian will determine the applicable vaccination schedule for your pet. 


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