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What Questions Should I Ask The Veterinarian Before Surgery?

Is your pet going in for surgery soon? Surgeries are quite serious, and even simple procedures are rather complex. It is important to make sure your pet is properly prepared for surgery. Pet owners can benefit from being properly prepared as well. When you are talking with your vet, there are several important questions you should ask when it comes to surgery. If you have questions about your pet’s surgery or our veterinary services, contact Animal Hospital of West Nashville serving the greater Nashville area. Our veterinarian has put together a few questions that we run into regarding pet surgeries.

How Should I Prepare My Pet For Surgery?

First up is perhaps the most important question. Generally speaking, you will want to withhold food and water for a while before surgery. If your pet is put under anesthesia, its gag reflex will be suppressed. If your pet vomits, it could choke. By withholding food, you can greatly reduce this risk. You will also want to avoid rough play and strenuous activities before the surgery. Your pet should be well-rested.

Why Is The Surgery Needed?

Quite likely, you will already know why your pet is being operated on. For example, your pet might be getting spayed or neutered. Still, if you have any questions, feel free to ask our vet.

How Long Will The Surgery Take?

Simple procedures, like spaying and neutering, can be completed in less than an hour. In some cases, a simple surgery may take only minutes. More complex surgeries can take well more than an hour. It is a good idea to speak with our veterinarian about how long the surgery is expected to take.

How Long Will It Take For My Pet To Recover?

After surgery, your pet is going to need some time to recover. During this time, you should typically avoid strenuous activities. How long your pet will need to recover usually comes down to the type of surgery and the pet itself.

What Complications Should I Watch For?

Keeping an eye out for complications is also a good idea. Our veterinarian can help you recognize the signs of infections and other health issues. If there is a complication, contact our veterinarian immediately. Emergency pet care may be needed.

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